PolyMark Markers

PolyMark Markers
The PolyMark represents the latest technology in implanted markers. It is fabricated of biocompatible PEEK-Optima polymer. It has virtually no artifact in CT, is clearly visible in MR and can be detected with ease in most kV based IGRT solutions. The marker is put though a spiral cutting operation during production creating a non-migrating surface. This marker kit includes four 3 MM long markers that are 0.8 MM in diameter and a 19 GA x 15 CM TROCAR Needle. This system supports multiple marker placement with only ONE needle stick. They are provided sterilized in a double Tyvek pouch.
    Part Number: PM-102-JJ
    (4) PolyMark Markers 0.8 MM Diameter, 3 MM long, polymer marker and (1) 19 Ga. x 15 CM TROCAR needle.
    Price: $225.00