FlexiMarc G/T Marker

FlexiMarc G/T Marker
The FlexiMarc G/T line of markers combines medical grade, titanium connectors and 99.99% pure, biocompatible gold 3 MM long nodes. This marker has two nodes that are 1.2 MM in diameter and are spaced 10 MM apart center to center. This unique patent pending shape allows soft tissue to anchor the marker in place thus greatly reducing the probability of marker migration. It is preloaded in a 17 GA by 20 CM long needle that is provided sterilized in a Tyvek pouch. One marker provides 2 clearly visible discreet points for image-guided localization with only one insertion as shown in the adjacent x-ray image.
    Part Number: FM-12-2-10-GT-17-20
    (1) FlexiMarc G/T 1.2 MM Diameter, 2 Node, 10 MM Spacing, (14 MM overall) Gold on Titanium, Marker preloaded in a sterile 17 GA by 20 CM long Needle.
    Price: $195.00