FlexiCoil Marker

FlexiCoil Marker
The FlexiCoil line of markers combines a 99.99% pure, biocompatible, gold coil with two 3 MM long nodes secured in each end providing clearly definable end points. This marker has two nodes that are 0.9 MM in diameter in a coil that is 10 MM long overall. It is preloaded in an 18 GA by 20 CM long needle that is provided sterilized in a Tyvek pouch.
    Part Number: FC-09-2-10-GG-18-20
    (1) FlexiCoil 0.9 MM Diameter, 2 Node, 10 MM long, Gold on Gold Marker loaded in an 18 GA by 20 CM long Needle.
    Price: $170.00